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Our Focus
Improving the Lives of Millions of Cancer Patients

At Lumento Therapeutics, we are pioneering the use of photopharmacology to discover and develop innovative new light-activated drugs that have the potential to revolutionize care for cancer patients. The majority of cancer patients experience severe side effects from treatment. Local activation of cancer drugs with light only at the tumor will minimize these side effects. This reduction of side effects will in turn enable higher local dosing of cancer drugs and intensified treatment regimens, thereby increasing the efficacy of therapy and ultimately the survival rates for patients. It is our mission to deliver on the enormous potential of our technology and impact the lives of millions of cancer patients.

Our Approach

Leveraging our team’s deep experience, we identify opportunities where our LightCap Technology Platform can create light-activatable drug candidates that address unmet medical needs for cancer. Each of these novel drug candidates is a result of improving a drug using our LightCap Technology, thereby expanding the potential of a previously studied or approved drug.

Our People

Lumento Therapeutics is a spin-off company from the University of Groningen, based on the Nobel-Prize winning science of Professor Ben Feringa. Lumento Therapeutics was co-founded in 2019 by Ben Feringa, Mickel Hansen, and David Kijlstra. Through its founding team and its team of advisors, Lumento Therapeutics retains a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our management team has industry-leading chemical domain expertise, extensive medical knowledge, and business experience. Furthermore, our advisors bring on additional experience from the fields of photopharmacology, oncology, and the life sciences industry.

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